Mobile Health Library™ (MHL)

powerful.  portable.  practical. 

  • Mobile Health Library (MHL) is a regulatory and HIPAA-compliant clinical engagement system supporting medication safe use and health outcomes attainment for sponsored Rx brands. Using the MHL single-app-system (iOS, Google Play, Amazon), clients are able to configure brand-specific apps with MHL tools (such as PharmaCentra's Pharmacy Locator program, customer hotlines, multi-language support, refill assist, appointment reminder, mobile co-pay, home delivery, dosing reminders, health status diaries, fit bit/ jawbone, connection to care support line, specialty pharmacy communication), to promote more unified customer engagement related to specific brand adherence, affordability, education and patient feedback needs.  
  • MHL provides clients with unified HIPAA-compliant engagement metrics for patient activity, brand content engagement, brand safety information engagement including MedGuides and ISI, copay card use, device type, and engagement with services, such as the PharmaCentra Pharmacy Locator service. MHL apps are associated with high degrees of engagement activity, are preferred by patients over email and single Rx brand apps, and may also be integrated within clients' brand acquisition, social media, and payer strategies.

Best-in-Class Patient Engagement

Pharmacy Locator
Proprietary Service

  • Gives health care providers peace of mind that patients will be able to fill prescriptions.
  • Keeps patients on the intended course of treatment and prevents switching caused by stocking challenges.
  • Whether it’s the first script or a refill, Pharmacy Locator will help make it easier for patients to get the product nearby.
  • Provides a resource at launch for sales reps to locate the product prior to office visits.
  • Can be integrated with the Mobile Health Library™(MHL) and other apps or programs.
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