Pharmacy Locator

Live representatives help patients locate the nearby pharmacies that carry their prescriptions.

PharmaCentra’s Pharmacy Locator enables patients and healthcare professionals to identify which local pharmacies have the product available or will place an order so a patient can quickly fill the prescription. This maintains the patient on the intended course of treatment while reducing frustration and noncompliance.

Pharmacy Locator is ideal for new product launches, controlled substances, supply constraints and voluntary market withdrawals.Removing the burden of locating a pharmacy and providing additional information to patients, pharmacies and office staff helps prevent miscommunication, office call backs and brand switching. Results include increased market share, data-driven supply management, increased physician and patient brand loyalty and improved patient compliance and persistency.


Decrease Brand Switching and Prescription Abandonment

Pharmacy Locator
Proprietary Service

  • Gives health care providers peace of mind that patients will be able to fill prescriptions.
  • Keeps patients on the  intended course of treatment and prevents switching caused by stocking challenges.
  • Whether it’s the first script or a refill, Pharmacy Locator will help make it easier for patients to get the product nearby.
  • Provides a resource at launch for sales reps to locate the product prior to office visits.
  • Can be integrated with the Mobile Health Library™(MHL) and other apps or programs.
VIDEO:  Pharmacy Locator  (1:51)

Pharmacy Mapping addresses regional stocking challenges before prescriptions are written, providing data analytics and other benefits to Brand Managers, Sales Representatives and Prescribing Physicians. The program can identify which local pharmacies have the product available or can stock it within 24 hours. This gives the physician confidence that the patient will be able to easily fill the prescription at a nearby pharmacy. Pharmacy Mapping can be used in conjunction with Pharmacy Locator or as a standalone program.

Pharmacy Teledetailing expands the product reach of pharmaceutical companies through coordinated contact with pharmacists. This service makes sure those who dispense the products are kept up to date about all important aspects. Pharmacy Teledetailing covers such topics as: new medication approvals, additional indications or capabilities, revised supply and stocking procedures, formulation changes and any product recalls.
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